NYC Newborn photographer

With many years of experience in Newborn photography Alice Shammah, NYC Newborn photographer specializes in fine art studio photography and newborn photography.

There is nothing more beautiful and sweet than newborns. Many people never lose the desire to hold babies or be near babies – babies seem to bring out the goodness and joy in everyone. Newborn photographer Alice Shammah knows this.  NYC Mothers and fathers dread they day their newborns are no longer newborns, because they enjoy that innocence, tenderness and purity, which presents itself in a peaceful and delicate manner.

Take the time to capture your family’s memories with professional photographs…in the years to come, these pictures will be the windows through which your children glimpse their own childhood and share a time they were often too young to remember. Whether it’s a professional maternity photography shoot or newborn baby session photographed in the comfort of your home, its my commitment to each client and myself to deliver a series of fine art photographs that capture moments in time that remind us of the most important things in life…family, friendship and love.    


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